SEO Brisbane tip for today.

Is about at top level domain.

And the top level Domain is the bit after the name part of your domain.

So if for instance, the dot com dot au is the top level domain part of the address.

It can be helpful from a local search perspective, to have a country specific top level domain. So in Australia, dot com dot au.

If you are targeting a worldwide audience, it may well be better for you to have the dot com for instance.

So, make an assessment of where you are hoping to get your website traffic from. Whether it's local, or international.

And have your top level domain that you use, suited to where you hope to get your traffic from.

Ok, localising your search engine optimisation strategy.

So if you have a business that's based in Brisbane, and you want to optimise your SEO for Brisbane, two things that you can do to help that.

One is to have a dot com dot au website address as opposed to a dot com.

And the other thing that you can do, is have your website hosted by a company that is based in Brisbane.

So the server that your website is sitting on, is actually physically located in Brisbane.

Google knows that where those machines are located, and they will then give more relevance score to your website, when someone is searching for, something in Brisbane.

And searching for your type of business in Brisbane.

So there you go, have a dot com dot au, and host your site with a, on a server, in Brisbane.

Having a mobile optimised website, is actually nowadays crucial for your search engine optimisation.

And you may have heard of websites being responsive, and say that they detect what size of device is being used, be it a desktop / laptop, or a tablet or a phone.

So having a responsive website is not necessarily going to make it mobile optimised.

So if you've got a site that is responsive, and your web developer has said that the site is responsive, make sure that you check your site with different devices.

And mostly that's a smartphone and a tablet, to see that all of the pages are show up nicely, on those mobile devices.

Make sure your website is mobile optimised.


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