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Businesses need to attract new customers to grow and build a legacy.

The best way to attract new customers is by ranking well in Google Search

For a number of years now, Google has said that content is king.

Content reigns supreme above all other forms of Search Engine Optimisation.

We write professional, original articles, then have very clever Artificial Intelligence analyse the text to produce captivating video.

Constantech automate the entire process of posting video to multiple social media channels, extracting audio, posting audio to podcast channels, extracting text, and posting that to blog channels!

Business Automation

Translating the complicated talk of Business Automation, into what it can do for you, your staff, and your business in general.

Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Inventory, Email Campaigns, Document Management, Website Intelligence and Workflows.  Constantech know how to make it all connect seamlessly.

We understand what it is to have software just do good things for your business!


What our wonderful customers have to say about us.
SMB Health
"John helped my business with social and professional media campaigns especially using videos. Following his strategies, I got better customer engagements online. John is consistent, easy to work with and he takes that extra mile to help his customers. I would highly recommend John for those looking for assistance with automation, CRM, and digital media campaigns."
Myla Graphics
"I have known John now for quite a while and have found him to be friendly, easy-going, and helpful. He's always thinking of ways to help your business be promoted easily, effectively, and efficiently. I would highly recommend John."
All Purpose Safety & Training
"I met John through mutual friends and have now used his services on a number of occasions. Very knowledgeable on getting web and social media exposure for your business and an expert in automation software for managing your business.
He goes out of his way to provide his time and advice. I can highly recommend Constantech for your IT needs."

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