An Explanation Of Business Process Automation


Tell us, just explain a little bit to the listeners, a bit about what that actually is. What is the business process automation?

So it’s using software. Using programs to assist in automating all of the processes that you have in your business. Be that sales processes, customer nurturing and project management, invoicing. So, and the ultimate goal is to have every piece of data that’s entered only entered once, ever.

And then as it’s needed, it can be moved along.

What do you see as the most important part of the whole process of, you know, automation?

The integral piece of it, and what I always recommend starting with first is CRM. Customer relationship management.

It’s all about better nurturing your leads, slash prospects. And turning them into customers.

And then looking after them. When once they are a customer, so that you’ve got a lot of touch points with them.

And a lot of those touch points can be automated.


And it helps for the customer to feel like you actually value them as a customer.

And value their business.

So, the bit about CRM’s, I guess, how can they sort of work to be as efficient as possible?

And what do they, what are some features I guess, of a good CRM that’s going to have the efficiencies.

And at the time, same time, sort of, you know, get a good customer, you know, I guess feedback and that type of thing?

Yeah. So, it’s advantageous if you’ve got some material that’s like educational type material.

Because that’s a great initial touch point, is to provide some educational material.

And you can have your CRM do that for you. Via email, most of the time. Or you can, you can actually provide it on your website, as well.

Right from the get-go. You’re saying to the prospect that you want to help. You want to provide education for them so that they can make more informed decisions about what they might do with services.

And that it’s not just about the money, you know. It’s not just about invoicing people.

You actually want to help people.

And then as you go along from there, it’s keeping track of what has happened with that customer. Because it’s not always the same person. Keeping history, Yeah. Yeah. It’s not always the same person within the organisation that’s going to have the next contact with that person.

So is there sort of shortcoming as in your opinion as far as the project management software that’s out there, or tools that are used in your opinion or is it there’s something they’re missing?

Yeah, the one thing that they miss the most, is the user experience.

Yeah there’s a number of them which are just too complicated and complex and there’s no way to make them simple.

So, the good ones offer custom customisation. You can make it quite simple, or you can make it quite complex, just depending on what your requirements are.

What your experience level as a user is.

Why Social Media Video Must Have Subtitles

Obviously we know it’s business owners getting quality content out there is king.

We can develop the content, but what are the things that you do behind the scenes to help us get it out there in a quality way, that gets to the people who need to hear us?

Okay, so one of the really big things with content is video. And like video is king.

And then within video, a big influencing thing with video, is that on social media, all videos that are viewed on social media, 75 to 80 percent of them are done with the volume at zero.

So having subtitles is really big.

If you haven’t got subtitles on your videos you’ve lost before you even begin basically.

Tough isn’t it?

It is.

So YouTube will automatically put subtitles on a video, but they only work on YouTube.

Even if you’ve got the video on YouTube with subtitles and you share that video to Facebook, for instance, those subtitles won’t show up on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

So burning the subtitles on to the video itself is crucial, so that the subtitles will show no matter where you post the video.

And you want to be posting it across multiple social media channels, to get maximum benefit from it.

Even if you’ve got the video on YouTube with subtitles and you share that video to Facebook, for instance, those subtitles won’t show up on Facebook. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

So, burning the subtitles onto the video itself, is crucial. So that the subtitles will show, no matter where you post the video.

And you want to be posting it across multiple social media channels, to get maximum benefit from it.

And it’s a very time-consuming process, if done manually, putting subtitles onto a video. This is where Constantech comes in, because we automate the burning of subtitles onto video.

You can get the benefit of subtitles, which is big. And without the labour intensive cost of doing it.

Fabulous. Music to a lot of business owners ears, I’m sure John. Thank you so much.

So yeah, video is a big part of social media today and marketing in general. And then so there’s a number of things that you can do with video. Like putting closed captions, on video. So that’s all automated.

75 percent of video that’s watched on social media is done with the audio off. So if you haven’t got captions on the video, you’ve lost already.

So just see that quite common. You know, a lot of those things, it’s they’re captioned automatically and it’s very good, they don’t really get anything wrong with the wording. It’s very accurate. And is that really just technology doing its thing?

Yeah. And it’s getting better all the time. So yeah, that’s very good, nowadays. The speech to text. And you can find it just on your phone as well, the speech to text. Yep.

Now, when are you going to have pricing for the platform and the service and all that kind of stuff?

Because this is really, really, really good gear because it’s also following a strategy that’s mastered by a couple of ex-Google guys.

Yes indeed, yeah and we’re just taking it to the next level.

And perhaps even a level after that actually really? Yeah.

So we do have three packages.

All right.

And one package we call our social package


And that’s where we publish video to social media.


And we have social plus podcast. That’s where we publish to social media and the audio to podcast channels.

And then we have social plus podcast plus blog.

So that’s that’s like the big donk.

Yeah, yes that’s it. Like going the whole hog.

The whole hog for the donk. Okay.



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