AI Social Engagement

Time Is Money

Engaging on social media can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you have multiple platforms and accounts to manage. That’s why Constantech offers a smart solution that can help you engage on social media without any hassle. Constantech uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create insightful, intelligent comments on up to 50 posts per day, Monday to Friday.

Engagement That Is Valued

Constantech’s AI is not a bot that spams generic messages or copies other users’ comments. It is a smart assistant that creates original and unique content that adds value to the conversation.

Wide Ranging Benefits

With Constantech’s AI, you can save time and energy that you can use for other aspects of your business. You can also improve your social media performance and results by increasing your engagement rate, reach, traffic, leads, and sales. You can also monitor and measure the impact of Constantech’s AI on your social media analytics and reports.

AI-Inspired Social Engagement

Social Platforms


Up To 50 Comments On Your Connection’s Posts Monday To Friday

A Captivating Post With Image Monday To Sunday

AI Social Engagement

$265/ 4 Weeks
  • Custom Prompts That Mirror Your Persona
  • Comment As You In LinkedIn
  • Comment As Your Page In LinkedIn
  • Comment As You In Facebook
  • Comment As Your Page In Facebook
  • Comment In LinkedIn Groups
  • Comment In Facebook Groups
  • Up To 50 Comments, Monday To Friday
  • Engaging Post With Image Seven Days Per Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Help Me To Get Started?

We provide full assistance for you to work with our systems

Can You Make The Comments Sound Like Me?

We create custom prompts that mirror your persona and resonate with your business objectives.

What Measurement And Reporting Do You Do?

LinkedIn has very good profile analytics that you can view any time. Facebook does also, if you turn on professional mode.

How Much Time Will Be Required Of Me?

The short answer is very little.
It is definitely to your advantage to follow up on replies to your comments. Either with a reaction, or a reply. Or both.

Bundle And Save

Save 10% For Each Additional Service