AI Content Creation & Distribution
Plans & Pricing


For a number of years now, we have known that content is king.
When it comes to content, video rules.
We create high quality articles of 1500 to 2000 words, from a topic created by leading research techniques.


With a specific piece of audio of you speaking, we can clone your voice. It’s so accurate, not even your closest relative will be able to tell the difference. Then we put your cloned voice audio of the articles, with a single photo of you, and create video with all the natural human movements, like head tilting and eyes blinking. And your lips are synced perfectly.
You are the presenter in the video, without ever having to record the video yourself.


Editing video, producing subtitles, and burning subtitles onto the video, it’s a whole lot of work if done manually. Add all that to posting different content to different places, and it’s way too labour-intensive and cost prohibitive, to actually do. Constantech’s automation systems do all the work.

We Distribute Your Content For You


8 Short Videos
With You As Presenter
2 Per Week


1500 to 2000 Words
On Your Website
Every 4 Weeks

8 Short Excerpts
With An Image
2 Per Week

Done For You

$400/ 4 Weeks
  • Professional Long Article
  • You Review The Article
  • Long Article Posted On Your Website
  • Audio Created With Your Cloned Voice
  • Video Created From A Single Photo Of You
  • Videos Posted To Your Social Channels
  • Short Articles Posted On Google & Tumblr
  • Monthly SEO Analysis & Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Help Me To Get Started?

We provide full assistance for you to work with our systems.

Can You Help Me With Article Topics?

We do full keyword analysis to provide you with a list of phrases you can create topics with.

What Measurement And Reporting Do You Do?

We conduct full measurement, analysis, and reporting of your keyword SEO positioning, every 4 weeks.

How Much Time Will Be Required Of Me?

The short answer is very little.
Just edit the long article to make it exactly the way you want it.
Generally takes 20 to 30 minutes every 4 weeks.