Send Signals To Google With Video

For a number of years now, Google has said that content is king. Google has a formula for the content, they call it their E-A-T formula. It’s an acronym for Expertise, Authority, Trust.

If your content exhibits expertise and authority and you get interaction with that content which exhibits trust, that’s exactly what Google is looking for to rank you in Google search.

Business only need to invest seven minutes a week in producing video. Video is edited to forty-five to sixty seconds, so that seven minutes of video can produce a week’s worth of video.

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Google Maps SEO

Google Maps SEO, it’s a part of Constantech’s new SEO.

More people tap or click on Google Maps links then either the paid ads or the organic search results.

If you can rank in Google Maps search results, it is a great way to drive customers to your business.

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