Remote Business Automation System Features

The new generation in business now, is remote.

Not only do you need to be thinking about how to work remotely and how to collaborate remotely, you need to be putting systems in place.

And of course you want those systems to be working most effectively for your business.

So all this week, I'll be giving you great information about what features to expect in Remote Business Automation Systems.

Starting today. And the first two features I'll talk about, are groups and feeds.

Groups so that you can associate people with different business units.

And feeds so you can have information flow freely, Amongst those people.

Look forward sharing some more great information with you tomorrow.

Three essential features you should expect in Remote Business Automation Systems are events, videoconferencing and tasks.

Events so that you can schedule for people to get together to do planning, reviews, brainstorming sessions, for instance.

Videoconferencing as a very effective way for those events to take place.

And then tasks where you can plan, prioritise, collaborate and ultimately perform the tasks.

All of those should happen securely in the cloud.

Look forward to sharing more great features with you tomorrow.

Two absolute essential features for Remote Business Automation Systems, are files and manuals.

You want to be able to upload files such as spreadsheets, documents, pictures for instance.

And you want to be able to have the ability to delegate.

Who can upload what files to where.

And who has the ability to edit, which files or view which files. As with manuals, you want to have the ability to upload any existing manuals that you have in your business and also to be able to create a new manuals.

And again, be able to delegate who can upload, who can create, and who has the ability to view, which manuals. All of that needs to be stored securely in the cloud.

There'll be more great information tomorrow.

Two really nice features to have in a Remote Business Automation System, are forums and surveys.

You probably already aware of how forums and surveys work.

And, they should work exactly the same in your internal business system.

The fantastic thing about having forums and surveys in your internal systems, Is that they are an excellent way of helping people to feel as though they are a valuable member of the team.

On the surface, they may not seem like they're essential, but the value that they can bring to your team, certainly makes them essential.

Make sure they're in any Remote Business Automation System that you consider implementing.

The last feature requirement that I'd like to share with you, that I think you should be looking for in a Remote Business Automation System, is customisation. How customisable is it?

Can you move things around on the screen, to better suit the way that you do business?

Can you create custom apps or modules to fulfill the specific requirements of your business?

And the other thing is permissions.

Can you set up the permissions the way that you want them?

So that people only have access to the things that you want them to have access to, and not have access to the things that you don't want them to have access to.

So there we go. There's my week of thoughts on the features that I think make a great, Remote Business Automation System.
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