Pricing for the packages Constantech offer


Oh John yeah please, I need to know the pricing mate.

Okay, so our social package is $1200 a month.

Our social plus podcast is $1,500 a month.

And our social plus podcast plus blog is $1800 a month.

That's Australian dollars? That's Australian dollars.

Mate that's cheaper than having a VA do it for you.

A VA can't even do it for that price.

Yeah that's like, you'd need a skilled VA to do this stuff.

Yes, most people would have someone full-time in their organisation okay, if they wanted to be, have their social footprint well and truly covered,

as well as their online footprint that would cost a hell of a lot more than that.

Cos you're paying for a specialist.

Absolutely yeah indeed, and it's only because we automate so much of it.


Pricing for the packages Constantech offer
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Pricing for the packages Constantech offer


Pricing for the packages Constantech offer

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